Research Work

BücherThe summary of the researchwork consists of a portfolio consisting of the main PDF document covering the research work and the necessary presentations of the first conference.

This covers the summary of the current research status (PDF-document); compilation of the topic mentioned in scientific literature (PDF-document).

Abstracts of articles and books (PDF-document) are included as well as a glossary of terms (PDF-document). Besides that a collection of work papers, presentations and essays is provided.

  • Research-summary.pdf  Research Summary (PDF-Document) 
  • Abstracts-summary.pdf  Research Summary (PDF-Document) 
  • Book-list.pdf  Research Summary (PDF-Document) 
  • Research-presentation.pdf  Research Summary (PDF-Document) 
  • Glossary-summary.pdf  Research Summary (PDF-Document) 

Hint: To read the documents you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader Acrobat Reader (or a similar program to display PDF-files!