Materials from the Project

MaterialienThe summary of the work packeges are provided at the consortium’s web platform as a mixed multilingual and English document portfolio.

Overview of the multilingual document portfolio:
The document Quality Concept in Blended Learning (PDF-document) provides a description of the proposed and defined quality criteria. Focus is on either training institutions as well as on the needs of learners.

Guidance and instructions for Quality in Blended Learning (PDF document) gives basic instructions with aspecial FAQ part.

Quality concept in Blended Learning Courses - an example of best practice (PDF) offers a summary of the test course.

Overview of the English document portfolio:

This is a summary of all deliverables created during the project’s duration, completed and presented in an easily to be handled system (overview list with download option for PDF-Files).

  • Research-presentation.pdf Quality Criteria Presentation
  • Quality-criteria-presentation.pdf Quality Criteria Presentation
  • Presentation-list.pdf Quality Criteria Presentation
  • Platform-requirements.pdfQuality Criteria Presentation
  • Tutorial-support-quality-presentation.pdf Quality Criteria Presentation
  • Course-Description.pdf Quality Criteria Presentation
  • Malaga-Conference-Summary.pdf Quality Criteria Presentation

List of multilingual documents:

  • Quality-Concept-bLearning.pdf (EN, ES, IT, DE)
  • Guidance-bLearning.pdf (EN, ES, IT, DE)
  • Test-Course-Summary.pdf (EN, ES, IT, DE)

The portfolio is published as downloadable PDF files. You need the Adobe Acrobat Reader (or another program to display PDF-files) to read the documents.

Hint: The materials will be available end of October 2015!