Training Course

Course HelsinkiThe training course started in January 2015 at the University Helsinki at the Viikki Campus. The course covered

  • A pre-phase (planning, installation of the platform, instructional design)
  • A first onsite teaching
  • An online phase (tutored)
  • A final onsite teaching with an external assessment of the course (by members of the EDRASE/Greece and EBI/Austria)

The summary of the course, the documents desrcibing content and experiences are available in the course documents section.

eLearning Course

There exists an eLearning course where you can take a closer look to the developed quality framework. The eLearning course is based on a Moodle equipment and open for everybody.

You may register at the server on your own and also the enrollment in the course is possible immediately. The procedure is structured in that way:

  1. You open the course page at the Moodle Server
  2. Here you select the course "Quality in Blended Learning"
  3. You can create a new account at the server. The server will send you a mail to complete your registration
  4. When you have registered at the server, you may enrol in the course. Here you use the course enrolment key BladEdu
  5. One you are enroled you have a period of 14 days to run the course.

The course content covers the chapters

  • Information
  • What is Quality?
  • What is Blended Learning?
  • The Learners' Needs
  • The Quality Framework
  • Conclusion & further Options

There is also a self-evaluation forseen.

The eLearning course is a public open learning resource. Additional there is the option to take part at an IST InService training, organiced by the European Foundation for Quality in Blended Learning EFQBL (in cooperation with DigiLab “La Sapienza” Rome). You will find further information » here!