The Quality Criteria Catalogue

There are five different classes of quality criteria based on learners’ needs: Institution quality, the enrollment in a course, the course development (structure, description …), the Learning Environment and finally the assessment/self-validation.

Five Classes of quality criteriaFigure: Five classes of main quality criteria (© project consortium) 

This document portfolio consists of the main PDF document covering the description of the quality criteria, the summary of the compilation work and the connected presentation.

  • Quality-Criteria.pdf  Research Summary (PDF-Document) 
  • Quality-Criteria-Summary.pdf  Research Summary (PDF-Document) 
  • Quality-criteria-presentation.pdf  Research Summary (PDF-Document) 

It is important to acknowledge that quality of a learning process is not something that is delivered to a learner by a course provider but rather constitutes a process of co-production between the learner and the learning-environment. The organizational aspects are mainly researched and the currently used norms (like ISO) cover the quality fields of the course environment.

In the project the learners’ needs are the crucial issue. The published papers summarizes the main aspects of quality fields from the learner’s view.