Conference results

The Conference was attended by interested people form more than 10 European countries.

List of Presentations

Sonja Gabriel Austria Personalizing learning – Evaluation of an Austrian blended learning course PDF
Krenare Pireva
(Florian Nuqi, Edmond Hajrizi)
Kosovo The impact of appropriate LMSs to learners PDF
Patrícia Aresta Branco Portugal Needs of Learners PDF
Stefano Lariccia
(Alberto Pigliacelli, Mariangela Scaglia)
Italy Quantitative and Qualitative criteria needed in assessment of high level lear­ning activities in the age of Semantic Web PDF
S. Winkler
(A. Körner, F. Breitenecker)
Austria Blended Learning in Science: Math courses at the Vienna UT PDF
Nikos Tzimopoulos
(Evangelos Iliadis, Maria Panagou)
Greece Evaluation REVIT, LifeLong Learning Programme PDF
Nikos Tzimopoulos, Evangelos Iliadis Greece Evaluation of blended learning seminar by the trainers PDF
Peter Mazohl Austria Quality in Blended Learning – summary of the research work PDF
S. Winkler, A. Körner
(F. Breitenecker)
Austria Experiences and Quality Issues in Teaching Science PDF
Nikos Tzimopoulos, Maria Iosifidou, Evangelos Iliadis Greece Implementation of a blended learning program to residents of the islands of the South Aegean Sea PDF
Alessio Ceccherelli
(Vincenza Ferrara, Sonia Sapia)
Italy Italian Guidelines on E-Learning Quality PDF
Evangelos Iliadis, Nikos Tzimopoulos Greece

The criteria for the evaluation of educational sites

Nikos Tzimopoulos Greece ICT Teachers training The implementation of the program with blended learning in the prefecture of the Cyclades PDF
Birgit Aschemann Austria Quality in Blended Learning – Role and Potentials of an External Project Evaluation in a Grundtvig Project PDF
Edmond Hajrizi Kosovo Institutional and Program (blended learning) Quality Management System Design and Evaluation PDF