The Conference

Thirteen different speakers presented their papers at the conference. Here are the abstracts of the presentations as a PDF Download.

Gabriel Sonja
Gabriel Sonja (AT): Personalizing learning – Evaluation of an Austrian blended learning course
Krenare Pireva
Krenare Pireva: The impact of appropriate LMSs to learners'
Patrícia Aresta Branco
Patrícia Aresta Branco (PT): Needs of Learners
Stefano Lariccia
Stefano Lariccia (IT): Quantitative and Qualitative criteria needed in assessment of high level lear¬ning activities in the age of Semantic Web
S. Winkler, A. Körner
S. Winkler, A. Körner (AT): Blended Learning in Science: Math courses at the Vienna UT
Nikos Tzimopoulos
Nikos Tzimopoulos (GR): Evaluation REVIT, LifeLong Learning Programme; Evaluation of blended learning seminar by the trainers
Peter Mazohl
Peter Mazohl /AT): Quality in Blended Learning – summary of the research work
S. Winkler
S. Winkler (AT): Experiences and Quality Issues in Teaching Science
Nikos Tzimopoulos
Nikos Tzimopoulos (GR): Implementation of a blended learning program to residents of the islands of the South Aegean
Alessio Ceccherelli
Alessio Ceccherelli (IT): Italian Guidelines on E-Learning Quality
Nikos Tzimopoulos
Nikos Tzimopoulos, Evangelos Iliadis (GR): The criteria for the evaluation of educational sites
Birgit Aschemann
Birgit Aschemann (AT): Quality in Blended Learning – Role and Potentials of an External Project Evaluation in a Grundtvig Project
Edmond Hajrizi
Edmond Hajrizi: Institutional and Program (blended learning) Quality Management System Design and Evaluation