SAFA Escuelas Profesionales Sagrada Familia


Our Institution is composed by 29 schools distributed among 25 cities of Andalusia. We have more than 20000 students and 1380 employees. This institution has always retained a renovating effort and advanced pedagogy, from its founding to the present time. Moreover, it is traditional in the ongoing training of all teachers, constant training courses and summer schools where new techniques and pedagogical adaptations are taught.

Concerning our students, we work in different socioeconomic contexts offering a joint response for the achievement of objectives. The courses which are taught at its centers, cover all educational levels of the official law education (LOE and LOMCE), plus a College for Teachers training education.

Educational projects

SAFA is well aware of the importance of offering a creative and effective response in today's society through better learning strategy therefore our institution continuously participates in educational projects responding to top Innovation, which is defended between students and teachers. Currently, SAFA is a reference in regards to the participation in educational innovation projects, promoted both on a European and on national level. Several projects of considerable educational value are numbered as detailed below:

  • Blended Learning Quality-Concepts Optimized for Adult Education Multilateral Grundtvig (539717-LLP-1-2013-1-IT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP)
  • Didactic hybrid and electric vehicles. (Fondo Social Europeo BOE 26-10-11)
  • Energy efficiency in compressed air systems. (Fondo Social Europeo BOE 26-10-11)
  • Cloud Micro Management. (Fondo Social Europeo BOE 26-10-11)

Likewise, every year we send students to Europe for training in European companies.
Our Objectives are:

  • Promote Vocational Training.
  • Connect academic training to current business requirements.
  • Find innovative experiences.
  • Enhancing creativity and entrepreneurship.
  • Share experiences with companies.

Internet presence

Our organization is greatly concerned about educational interaction through telematics media and communications services networks. In this sense, SAFA has a large presence on the web:

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