Educational activities Society “EDRASE” is a Not-for-profit company that was founded in Greece, in 2010. Its main aim is to promote Science and Social Science in Greece and the EU, with the means of seminars, lectures, discussions and the production of educational material.

Some of the goals of EDRASE are:

  • The promotion and dissemination of science, the broader humanities and culture in the scientific community, educators at all levels and in society at large, through activities such as adult education, vocational training and teacher training, collaboration with Greek and European Education and training institutions, etc.
    Also, events and all forms of educational activities that contribute to the training of its members. To achieve its objectives, the association can act on all relevant transactions, such as (including but not limited to mention):Production of educational material as complete packages or individual Learning CD, DVD, books, experiment manuals, brochures and business exercises etc.

  • Organization of local, national and international seminars and thematic lectures, workshops and conferences with speakers from Greece and abroad.

  • Training sessions, teachers at all levels and trainers and other staff of educational institutions, in laboratory techniques, laboratory exercises and research methods in scientific issues.

  • Contributing to the dissemination and popularization of knowledge, aimed at raising awareness and career guidance.

  • Promotion of interdisciplinary treatment issues.

Contact Information

Contact person Michail Filioglou
Web page www.edrase.gr
Email address Iliadis Evangelos
  Tzimopoulos Nikolaos
  Filioglou Michail
Country Greece
City Halki, Dodecansese