Málaga Conference Documentation

Aim of the conference

The conference terminates the project: The results are presented and a final meeting is used for the closing of the project. The conference offers the participants

  • The final presentations, summaries and reports of the project
  • Reports of special issues dealing with quality of courses in general and the quality environment for Blended Learning courses in detail
  • The published conference papers
  • Results of plenum discussions

The material will be available at the web platform of the consortium/project.

Provided material

The published material is available as PDF-documents and will contain

  • The final presentations
    Here you will find the presentations of the speakers. Most of the material is also available at the SlideShare platform!
  • The published conference papers
    The papers are available as PDF documents.
  • Results of plenum discussions
    There are two workshops provided. The summary of the workshops and the plenum discussion are published here as well.
  • Documentation of the conference itself
    Here you will find some pictures taken at the conference.

Material published at the Diglab Quaderni

Some of the papers are published at the Quaderni Digilab. The documents are reviewed by the scientific board of the Università die Roma "La Sapienza".

 Quaderni Digilab

List of available documents

List of documents