The Project

About Blended Learning (bLearning)

Blended Learning (bLearning) is a relatively new teaching method which emerged in the last 8 years; developed as a combination of classroom teaching and distance learning, this method takes up an important role in the educational system. Big companies were the first to use this teaching and training concept because they expected cost reductions.
Nowadays the first research work about the efficiency and the necessary environment of bLearning are published. One of the issues mentioned is a missing quality concept for blended learning.

 Quality issues

As quality is beginning to play an increasingly important role in the educational system, the consortium is going to analyze and transfer the results of the research work into a quality concept for bLearning. The project focuses especially on the concepts of the quality of courses, the courses itself, the quality in organizations responsible for bLearning courses and activities and last but not least on the needs and the environmental conditions of the learners.
The consortium’s members are all involved in education or further education of adults and experienced in organizing courses for adults. The results of the researches are going to be analyzed, structured and brought to a quality concept for bLearning courses. That will cover the preparation work in the teaching organization, the quality fields such as tutorial support, communication, learning techniques, information and information transparency, the course plan, didactical issues, the part of classroom teaching and so on.

The project's results

The result of the project is a well proofed practical quality concept (in written form) covering all issues of bLearning respecting the needs and the learning environment of learners as well. A training course to disseminate the results to trainers, teachers and teaching organizations is also available.
The transfer of the quality concept to the Comenius Program is also going to be provided and published.